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What causes the extra-long life of UVLED curing system.

 If we want to know the reason of life about uv led curing system.

that started with the

principle of UVLED curing system.

UVLED (Light Emitting Diode),

that is, light-emitting diode.

Is a semiconductor solid state

light emitting device. It is the use of solid

semiconductor chips as

light-emitting materials.

The current UV LED is smaller than the previous,

the power should be much higher, with extra-long

life and 3-5 years without any cost of consumable,

which is several of the biggest advantages compare

with  traditional lamp. At the same time there are

the following advantages:

1, can be customized effective irradiation area, length optional.

2, does not contain mercury, no ozone, more environmentally

friendly alternative to traditional light source technology.

3, low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the

traditional mercury lamp curing machine, can save 90% of electricity.

4, no cost of consumable