UV curing machine
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What are the application scope of UV curing machine?

The application range of UV curing machine is very wide, and many manufacturers

have put the UV curing machine into production. The UV curing machine is mainly used

to quickly cure the UV glue or UV ink through ultraviolet UV light irradiation. The main

applications of UV curing machine are as follows:

UV curing machine

1. Application of automatic plastic spraying

Products: All plastic casing products such as: mobile phone casing, camera casing, pen

holder, game handle, etc.

Features: The product is shaped, omnidirectional stereo irradiation, high brightness and

fast production speed.

Requirements: All-round layout of UV lamps, UV rooms require high cleanliness, strong

UV energy, and product rotation.

UV curing system

2. Application of heavy material coating

Products: UV coating of stone, artificial stone, desktop, ceramic tile, floor, metal and

other surfaces.

Features: The coating is very thick, UV must have a strong penetration.

Requirement: The weight of the material and the power of the conveying structure are

sufficient to cut and bear high gravity.

UV curing machine

3. Water glue application: commonly used FPD/PC/TP and other processes

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