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UVLED manufacturers introduce UV printer for you

Today’s technology is developing rapidly and is changing with each passing day.

The printing industry is also developing rapidly, and various processes and

configurations are also developing and maturing. UV glue spraying machine, a

type of professional printer that uses UV ink to print,the printer industry has

also developed from the previous monochrome to the current color.Most of us

haven’t seen the printer, but the application products of the printer can be seen

in our lives.For example, printing of production lot numbers and QR codes on

food packaging bags.Then, I will introduce the features and advantages of UV

printers to you.

Features of UV printer

1.UV printer adopts industrial-grade on-demand piezoelectric print head. Can

provide continuous,high-quality and high-speed inkjet printing and coding.

The nozzle has a long service life, no clogging, stable performance, and a single

nozzle print width of 54mm (8 nozzles can be installed).The printed QR code has

a high recognition rate,and the lines and text patterns are neat and clear,so that

the printed content can be seamlessly joined.

2.Fast printing speed. The production speed can reach 200m / min, the stable

production speed is 75-150m / min under the influence of environmental factors,

and the A-class rate is high.

3.Use imported environmentally friendly UV inks to ensure ink quality. Environmentally

friendly UV quick-drying and invisible inks have passed national testing and certification.

Strong adhesion and quick-drying, UV invisible ink, environmentally friendly ink, can jet

various variable information on different materials, and can have good adhesion and gloss

on different materials.

4.The control software is widely applicable and easy to operate. The software supports a

variety of graphic designs, including text, numbers, 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes, pictures

and common patterns.

5.easy to install: can be connected to the line, can be installed on the existing equipment

of the factory for online production; can also be equipped with a related code platform for

offline production.

UV printer

6.special ink supply device to ensure printing continuity and stability.

7.has a complete set of coding system: rewinding platform, UV coding, alarm detection


8.The common roll labels, single labels, electronic supervision code labels, roll films,

carton outer packaging, cards, bottle caps,flexible packaging, color pattern packaging,

etc. common to UV inkjet printers.

9.High-speed production room can automatically print: variable information such as

count, date,time, batch number and serial number.

10.The printing direction of the UV printer can be adjusted and controlled at will, such

as bidirectional printing, the nozzle can be rotated 180 °; forward, reverse, and vertical

downwards can be adjusted;the program can be adjusted upside down, left and right, etc.

Advantages of UV printers

1.UV ink is safe and reliable, no solvent discharge, non-flammable, and no pollution to

the environment.It is suitable for packaging prints that require high hygienic conditions

such as food, beverages, tobacco,alcohol, and medicine. UV inks have been used in foreign

food packaging for many years without any problems.

UV printer

2.UV ink has good printability, high printing quality, does not change physical properties

during printing,does not change solvents, has stable viscosity, and is not easy to stack

plates. It can be printed with higher viscosity, strong ink strength, high dot definition,

and tone reproduction. Good performance, bright ink color, strong adhesion, suitable

for fine product printing.

3.UV ink can be dried instantly, with high production efficiency and wide application

range. It has good adhesion on different printing carriers such as paper, aluminum foil,

and plastic. It can be stacked immediately after printing, without blocking.

4.Excellent physical and chemical properties of UV ink. The process of UV curing and

drying is the photochemical reaction of UV ink, that is, the process of changing from a

linear structure to a network structure, so it has many excellent physical and chemical

properties such as water resistance, alcohol resistance, wine resistance, wear resistance,

and aging resistance. These are beyond all other types of ink.

5.Low UV ink consumption. Because there is no solvent volatilization and high effective

ingredients, it can be converted into ink film by nearly 100%, and its amount is less than

half of ink or solvent ink,and it can greatly reduce the cleaning times of printing plates

and anilox rollers, so the overall cost is relatively low. Based on the above characteristics,

UV inks have obvious advantages and development prospects from the perspective of

environmental protection, quality, and technical development.

The role of UV printers

1.Anti-counterfeiting. This is one aspect that we use the most, and one that consumers

are more concerned about. Using a mobile phone to perform a “scan and scan”, you can

not only query specific production information and trace the source of the product. Each

product corresponds to a unique website or data information for details. Consumers can

also query product traceability information through four methods:mobile client, WeChat

public account, website and mobile application scan function. The traceability information

includes food information, enterprise information, inspection information, and telephone

numbers for consultation and complaints.

2.Anti-string goods. This is a very important function for the manufacturer. The products

produced by an enterprise are market-circulated after passing a certain coded identification

method. The effective supervision and management during the circulation process is very

important for the production and later development of the enterprise. We know the “Internet

of Things” and “One Object One Code”,which is that each product has a corresponding code.

Whether it is a bar code or a two-dimensional code, there can be a corresponding database,

and channel distribution and distribution will be more clear.

In summary, Xiaobian has compiled the characteristics, advantages and functions of UV

printers for everyone. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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