UVLED linear curing system
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Application and advantages of UVLED linear curing system

        The UVLED linear curing system is one

type ofUVLED light source, and the

linear curingsystem refers to the mode

of illumination. It is specially designed to enable

UVLEDs to emit a complete continuous

UV band to meet

the production needs of edge banding,

printing and other fields.

UVLED linear curing system has been successfully

applied in many

industrial assembly fields, such as:

1. High-grade furniture uv paint curing;

2, crafts spray curing;

3. Printing anti-counterfeiting detection;

4. Linear curing of microelectronics,

liquid crystal,PCB, optical communication,

optics, etc.;

5, cable harness glued, lens glued;

6, TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel filling crystal package,

touch screen water glue paste side curing, old curing;

7. Gluing of optical components.

       Compared to mercury lamps, UVLED line sources are more popular

in applications because of their advantages:

1. UVLED line light source has a long life, can reach

more than 20,000 hours, and the life is not affected

by the number of opening and closing, no need to

change frequently, can reduce the equipment input cost;

2, UVLED line light source is smaller than the

traditional light source, easy to install;

3, the shape of the light source can be customized

and the characteristics

     that the mercury lamp does not have;

4, high energy and uniform illumination, can adjust the

output power  according to product needs, fast curing speed,

can improve efficiency;

5, no heat radiation, does not contain toxic substances,

safer and more environmentally friendly.

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