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Application Range of UV LED surface Light Source

UV LED surface light source is a specific kind of LED light source.

UVLED surface light source is also called UVLED light source.

Through special design, the UV LED can emit a complete continuous

ultraviolet band to meet the production needs of edge sealing, printing

and other fields. Surface light source has long life, cold light source, no heat

radiation, life is not affected by the number of times of opening and closing,

high energy, uniform irradiation to improve production efficiency, no toxic

substances than traditional light source is safer and more environmentally friendly.

The main applications of UV LED surface light source are as follows:
1.Hard disk head assembly (encapsulation of read and write head,

gold wire fixation, bearing, coil, chip bonding, etc.)

2.DVD/Digital Camera (Lens, Lens Paste, PCB Reinforcement)

3.Motor and component assembly (wire, coil fixed, coil end fixed,

PTC/NTC component bonded, transformer core protected)

4.Sensor Production (Gas Sensor, Photoelectric Sensor,

Optical Fiber Sensor, Photoelectric Encoder, etc.)

5.UV Packaging and Solidification Applications of Lasers

Mobile phone components assembly (camera lens, receiver, microphone,

shell, LCD module, touch screen coating, etc.)