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Advantages of UVLED curing technology in the field of uv printing

 With the development of the times,

the green production requirements

have become an inevitable trend.

With the increasing popularity of UV

curing technology in the printing

industry, the uvled light source curing

has developed.This is a printing method

using UVLED light-emitting diodes as a

curing light source, which has also attracted

more andmore attention from printing

companies.The use of UVLED light source

energy is highly concentrated, low thermal energy,

and irradiation is more uniform, which can reduce

printing waste and reduce printing cost, thereby

saving printing enterprise production time and greatly

improving enterprise production efficiency.

The advantages of using uvled curing technology

in printing are as follows.


1. Save energy

      For traditional UV printing, the lighting

system should be pre-heated before

the official printing. The stronger the

light power is, the longer the waiting time

will be.In order not to delay the printing

period and maintain the service life of the

UV lamp, some printing companies often

choose not to turn off the illumination system

to keep it in the illumination state,

resulting in a large waste of light source.

The UVLED light source converts

the electric energy into light energy

instantaneously according to its own

structural characteristics, and can be

started at a low voltage, so that the

maximum power output can be achieved

without the warm-up time. More

than 80% of the source energy in the curing

source is used for the curing of the ink.

At the same time, the brightness of the

light is low and the heat is small. The low

light intensity can achieve the same curing

effect of the traditional UV light source,

which can reduce the power consumption

by 70% to 80%. High energy efficiency.

It can be turned off when not needed,

further reducing energy consumption

and costs.

2. More appropriate

     The traditional UV light source has a large

heat generation and the printing material

is susceptible to heat deformation.

The UVLED is a cold light source that

emits a single wavelength, does not

contain infrared light, has no heat radiation,

and does not generate too much heat.

Therefore, the use of a UVLED light source

can significantly reduce the heat generated

during the curing process without damaging

the appearance of the substrate.

For example, heat-sensitive film-based substrates

that cannot be well-printed

in conventional UV equipment can be

printed well using UVLED printing.

Nowadays, the label printing is developing

rapidly, the printing speed is getting faster

and faster, and the substrate is getting thinner

and thinner.If the heat is too high, the substrate

will react to cause wrinkles when it is hot,

which will affect the quality of the product.

The use of UVLED printing can

greatly reduce the defect rate of the product

and ensure the quality and quantity of the

task can be completed during the printing period.

3. Long life

    The traditional UV light source will be

replaced after about 1500 hours

of operation, and frequent replacement of

the light source parts may cause

the printing machine to fail frequently.

At the same time, it may also reduce

the printing machine operation efficiency

and affect the normal production

of the printing enterprise. The service life

of the UVLED light source can

generally reach more than 12 times that

of the conventional UV light source,

and can reach 20,000 hours, and is not

affected by the number of switches.

According to the principle of light

emission, the UVLED light source can

only be energized in one direction, and

is forward biased. When the current

passes, electrons and holes recombine in

it to emit light, ensuring the stability

of the light source and making the light

source decay rate small a lot of.


4. Protect the environment

     The market share of UV printing in the

printing industry is now increasing

dramatically. Some printing companies

are also using high-pressure mercury

lamps as their UV curing light source.

After the printing plant is used, it takes

manpower and financial resources

to dispose of the mercury it emits.

If the treatment is not timely, it

will penetrate into the surrounding

environment and cause harm to

the surrounding environment and

human health. The UV LED

illumination system is free of harmful

chemical elements such as

mercury, and does not cause any

pollution to the environment

and humans.