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Talking about the advantages of UV printing

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At present, the UV process is increasingly used in the

printing industry, driven by its value-added

printing attributes, which offer a number of advantages in

publishing, commercial, packaging and labeling

market applications.

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1.It has a very high gloss effect, and sometimes

has a comprehensive effect of scratch

resistance and scratch resistance.

2.UV printing can not only use paper

and cardboard, but also a variety of substrates,

including low-absorbency or non-absorbent materials

(plastic, foil, metal and heat-sensitive materials).

3.It can give a variety of special functional, tactile and

special graphic surface treatments.

4. UV printing has high surface resistance (anti-friction and scratching),

especially the cover of packaging and publications.

5.Accelerate the completion of the work, especially the short version,

because UV printing can be used for post-press

processing immediately in many occasions.

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The key business advantages of the UV process are the

flexibility of the application, the availability of a wide range

of product functions, and the special application of various

substrates and finishes. This provides creative opportunities

for print buyers to highlight their product differentiation

and adds functionality to the product. Printers can

provide value-added services to existing customers and

attract new businesses. In some cases, UV printing and

glazing reduce overall production costs compared to

other processes; on the other hand, even at higher UV

production costs, higher sales prices for

UV products increase investment. response rate.