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The advantages of uv led light curing system

UV LED system offer advanced capabilities,

operating economics and environmental advantages.

 UV LED curing  system manufacturers allow to

offer their users lower operating costs and longer-lasting

solutions while enabling new capabilities and even reduced

shipping and inventory storage due to the ability to print on thinner,

heat-sensitive substrates.

Advanced Capabilities:

1.Heat-sensitives,thin substrates,2.Deep through curing

3.Smallcompact machine,4.Adjustable output intensity

5.Optional wavelength(365nm-405nm)

Operating economics:

1.Energy efficient

2.Long life time and low maintenance

3.Low temperaturer

4.No warm-up time, ready to use at any time

Environmental advantages:

1.No mercury。2.No ozon

3.No deep uv irradiation。4.Workplace safety