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The development of UV flexo printing.

 The UV flexo printing is a type of relief printing originally

called flexographic printing.

It originated in the United States in the early 1920s

and was not developed because of

the toxicity of the aniline dye ink used.

Since then, ink manufacturers have begun to use

acceptable colorants, and in 1952 at the 14th

packaging seminar in the United States was

renamed the Flexographic Process. In the 1970s,

with the advancement of the materials

industry, especially the advent of polymer resin

plates and cermet anilox rolls, the

development of flexographic printing has

made a qualitative leap. It has become

the fastest growing printing method in the world,

especially in the United States,

and both the manufacturing technology of

printing presses and the application

technology of flexo printing represent the

highest level of flexographic printing.

At present, the flexo printing machine with

UV ink curing system installed abroad is

increasing, and the existing flexo printing

machine is constantly modifying the

UV ink curing system. The replacement of

water-based inks and solvent-based inks

with UV flexo inks has become a trend,

and has been widely used in wide-format and

narrow-width flexo presses. Undoubtedly,

the development prospect of UV

flexo printing technology is very good.

The promotion and application of domestic

UV flexo printing technology needs to be based

on our national conditions and product needs,

as well as the perfection of domestic equipment

and equipment. With the increasingly strict

environmental protection requirements and quality

requirements, it is believed that in the

near future, domestic UV flexo printing technology

will more and more development in China.