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What are the main applications of UVLED curing furnace

At present, UVLED curing furnace has been widely used in PCB, LCD,

electronics, printing, plastic, wood, footwear,

glass, handicraft polishing, painting and other fields.

Many manufacturers have replaced the original

UV mercury lamp production line with the UV LED curing furnace production line.

As a manufacturer of UV LED curing furnace,

Heitnide Xiaobian will share with you today, what are the application

directions of UV LED curing furnace?

Application Direction of Various Industries

1. Spraying:

Most plastic spraying companies, such as mobile phone shell spraying, cosmetic shell,

MP3 small household appliances shell, are used. UVLED curing furnace is needed for

mobile phone shell spraying and UV printing.

2. Printing:

Screen printing, offset printing is mostly used, such as U-disk,

CD-ROM and so on, using UV protective glue.

In CD printing, UV screen printing is also carried out with UV ink,

which requires the use of UV LED cold light source curing equipment.

3. Wood industry:

Wood industry will use UV LED curing equipment to cure the wood surface coating,

because UV paint (varnish, etc.) has better performance in all aspects:

For example, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, weathering resistance, etc.,

after UV coating, can make the surface of wood flooring and other gorgeous feeling,

wood coating, mostly using high power UV LED curing furnace.

As long as it is used for UV polishing oil, UV LED curing furnace can be used.

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