Disinfection of medical masks
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Ultraviolet disinfection furnace, moon cake and vegetable disinfection

Ultraviolet disinfection furnace

Ultraviolet disinfection furnace

UV sterilization oven Specifications:

1. Luminous body (effective radiation area): 500mm x 1000mm, 304 stainless steel 
2. Belt Width/length : 500mm width, 2000mm length 
3. Belt Speed: from 1m – 18m/min 
4. Conveyor Material: Teflon mesh belt 
5. Body material: Stainless steel 
6. Power: 16pcs x 20 Watts UV lamp 
7. Sterilization rate: Over 95% for one minute sterilization 
8. Power Connection: 110V-220V / 50HZ-60HZ


Medical mask, vegetable disinfection, moon cake disinfection.

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