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The effects of UVLED chip on uv led curing system

In recent years, with the rapid development of uvled industry.

The chip has always been the technical core of the

UVLED line light source industry.

 Then the quality of chip development with a direct

impact on the quality of UVLED light industry

with the development of the speed and maturity.

Uvled line light source chip has been the

pursuit of high performance development.

The pursuit of high luminous efficiency,

LED chip technology has been the driving

force behind the development.

Flip-chip technology is currently

one of the main technologies for obtaining high-efficiency

and high-power LED chips.

Substrate sapphire and its vertical structure substrate stripping

 technology (LLO) and bonding technology

will still dominate for a long time status.

Photonic crystals and AC LED technology will be

the potential of  the future technology.

In the near future, a new metal semiconductor structure

will be used to improve ohmic contact,

improve crystal quality and improve electron mobility,

 resulting in 92% electron injection efficiency.

Improve LED chip shape, surface roughness and photonic crystal,

high-reflectivity mirror, transparent electrode,

the extraction efficiency can be 90%,

then the total efficiency of white LED can reach 52%.

With the improvement of the light efficiency of the UVLED line light source,

on the one hand, the chips become smaller and smaller.

In a certain sizeof epitaxial wafers, the more chips can be cut,

the cost of a single chip is reduced and the price is lowered.

If there is 6mil. On the other hand,

 a single chip power bigger and bigger,

such as 3W, 5W, 10W to the future development.

This can reduce the number of chips used in applications such

as lighting for power requirements and reduce

the cost of the application system.

Under the pressure of market competition,

 UVLED line light source industry in order to truly break through

the bottleneck in the development of the initiative in the market,

it must have a strong chip technology advantages,

and have their own independent intellectual property rights to enhance,

 can have the momentum of development.

At the same time, we will focus on the development of new products,

the application for patents and the establishment

 and improvement of the quality system with the allowance of funds.

We should seize every market opportunity that can be seized,

adjust the market and product positioning of the company,

and give prominence to our strengths ,

Jointly develop and expand the market’s future prospects.