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The main application and performance characteristics of UV dispenser

       Today’s era is the era of industrial intelligent

automation production. Many small and

medium-sized production enterprises

have stepped into the ranks of automation and

intelligence. In the past, the manual dispensing

method can no longer meet the production needs of

production enterprises, Therefore, UV dispensers

came into being to meet industrial

production needs.UV Dispenser is a kind of

dispensing machine specially developed for dispensing

UV adhesive materials. It is controlled by

professional glue control programming software.

It is equipped with precision manipulator

device and has three-axis automatic linkage function.

It is irregular on plane and surface. Smart glued

equipment fordispensing at any point of the product.

UV glue dispenser is mainly used in manufacturing

of products.Such as optical instruments, medical equipment,

electronic circuit boards, electronic components, digital cameras,

electronic appliances, glass products and jewelry,

glass furniture, FPC flexible circuit boards, electronic scale

manufacturing, buzzer films, etc.

There are many features and performance of the

UV dispenser:

First, the curing is fast and the reaction can be controlled;

Second, adapt to a wide range of industries, suitable for different needs,

according to the production process adjustment;

Third, manual mode, intelligent automatic mode;

Fourth, regular quantitative dispensing glue to ensure

that the amount of glue is consistent each time;

Five, 50ml needle barrel production work, can also be used

with UV barrel packaging production work.

          In summary, the UV dispenser has great advantages,

not only satisfies the continuous work of the

enterprise production line, but also greatly improves

the work efficiency of the enterprise, thereby

increasing the profit of the enterprise.