After-sale Service

Quality assurance:

I am the company’s products are provided by the manufacturers of the original packaging, and mention for product technical information (including installation instructions, product packing list, certificate and warranty Vouchers, etc.)

Equipment production debugging:

Equipment production assembly, I will be the Secretary for equipment performance testing , And the whole process of the product, the whole performance check and aging, until the product is confirmed after passing Only packing shipping

Product delivery:

As far as possible according to user requirements, if special requirements, need to be completed in advance,we can special organization of the company production, installation, and strive to meet user needs

Warranty commitment:

I signed the contract signed by the Secretary for all products provided within the validity period shelf life, all products provided during the validity period, to provide normal working day all day service,The More than the shelf life, life-long technical service support

Response time:

If within seven working days of quality problems or operation caused by the user Inconvenience, the company promised in three working days for the equipment for free replacement. During the warranty period, if the product fails, after receiving your company repair, if necessary, I will mention the secretary for alternative equipment

Service system:

As a supplier of equipment provided by the company to provide security p roducts department: When the equipment fails, if necessary, will be assigned to the designated professional technician at the specified time,Within the door repair or repair, the resulting freight charges borne by the Company.