uvled linear curing system_uvled linear light source curing system with frame


This is a high-performance uvled linear light source

curing system. The system mainly includes two

controllers, two uvled linear light source irradiation

heads and connecting wires. The UVLED irradiation

head is integrated with imported high-intensity

ultraviolet LED. The wavelength of UV spectrum is

365nm and 395nm. The forced air cooling is adopted.

The effective curing area of each irradiation head is

500X10mm, which supports external signal input and


Product characteristics of uvled linear light source

curing system:

.No infrared radiation, cold light source, suitable for

curing all kinds of  heat sensitive materials.

.No need to warm up when starting up, it is ready to

use immediately, the maximum light intensity can be

reached instantly.

.Power saving, easy to control.

.Mercury-free, ozone-free safety and environmental


.The distance between the two light sources can be


UVLED linear light source and frame can be customized.


uvled linear curing system.jpg

uvled linear curing system.jpg

The parameters of the uv led linear  light source

Wavelength 365nm
Electric power 270W
Optic power 3600mW/cm²(1cm irradiation height)
Curing area 500x10mm
Cooling method Air cooling

Dimensions of the frame:1047x652x420mm

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