uvled area curing system_uvled area light source


The irradiation head of the uvled area light source is integrated with

imported high-intensity ultraviolet LED, with a UV spectrum wavelength

of 395nm, forced water cooling, and an effective curing area of  700X200mm,

which supports external signal input and triggering. The lamp shade can be

customized according to the size of the light source.

Product Features

.No infrared radiation, cold light source, suitable for curing all kinds of heat

sensitive  materials.

.No need to warm up when starting up, it is ready to use immediately, the maximum

light intensity can be reached


.Power saving, easy to control.

.Mercury-free, ozone-free safety and environmental protection.

.Lampshade protection.

700x200mm uvled area light source parameters (different wavelengths and sizes and power can be customized)


.Electronics: Micro speakers, motors, cameras, lenses, displays, PCBA, etc.

.medical instruments

.Research institutes

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