UVC Germicidal lamp(3rd gear timing, no radar)


The household UVC Germicidal lamp is suitable for a variety of places, homes, offices, schools, hospitals, etc., sterilization is fast and efficient.

Simple operation, one-button disinfection

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 Ozone disinfection, cleaner

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Pure physical disinfection, no chemical additives, no secondary pollution

Suitable for many places

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Safety Precautions

Ø When using the germicidal lamp, it is strictly forbidden to look directly at the UV lamp toavoid burning eyes.

Ø When using germicidal lamp, avoid direct irradiation to human body to avoid burning skin.

Ø The germicidal lamp should be properly placed to prevent children from touching and operating.

Ø UV has klling effect on organic cells. Avoid UV radiation lights to pets and plants for a long time.

Ø Pay attention to the protection of valuable paintings in the room to prevent oxidation and discoloration

due to long-term ultravioletradiation.

Ø Do not use germicidal lamps as lighting lamp. Appropriate disinfection is appreciate. It is not

recommended to keep ultraviolet light on for a longtime.

Ø After disinfecting the room, please open the window forventilation.

Ø lf you want to check the operation of the germicidal lamp, must wear professional protective glasses to avoid


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household UVC Germicidal lamp

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