UV led automatic dispening and curing all-in-one machine


The specialized control system for dispening and curing all-in-one machine can

be applied to any non-planar 3D dispensing path.This dispenser equipment can

quickly and accurately finish leveling and tilting fixtures array dispensing, offset

correction, correction path setting, arcs, dots, and other complex spatial dispensing

paths.After dispensing, curing can be run without external computer. The whole

process is fast and efficient.The operation setting is simple and highly recommended.

uvled dispensing and curing machine.jpg

uvled automatic dispenser application range: automotive mechanical parts coating,

mobile phone button dispensing, mobile phone battery packaging,laptop battery

packaging, coil dispensing, PCB board bonding sealant, IC sealing compound, speaker

outer ring dispensing, PDA sealing compound,LCD sealant, IC package, IC bonding,

case bonding, optical device processing, mechanical sealing, etc.

The parameters of UV dispensing and curing machine are as follows:


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