UV germicidal oven_UV germicidal machine for mask,toothbrush,shoes etc.


一、 Equipment main structure of the UV germicidal oven

1. The outer body of the working area tunnel:

1.5mm stainless steel plate

2. The inner cavity of the working area tunnel:

a set of 1.5mm 304 high-quality stainless steel plates

3. Conveyor belt: advanced Teflon mesh belt

4. Conveying roller: clean friction-resistant stainless steel roller

5. Conveying power: According to production needs, the conveying

speed is adjustable from 0.5-10 meters / minute.

6. Balance device: flat water cup

二、 How to use

1. Connect 220VAC power to the equipment, and the voltmeter displays

the voltage;

2. Press the general start button;

3. Adjust the speed knob to the normal speed of the conveyor belt;

4. Select one, two or three groups of lights to be lit;

5. Press the general stop button, the device stops, the conveyor belt stops,

and the lights go out.

6. The ammeter is set to protect the current from over-limit and power-off


三、Notes on safety, maintenance and maintenance

1. Regular inspection to ensure the normal operation of the UV lamp.

2. After 9000 hours of continuous use or one year, the UV lamp should be


3. When replacing a new lamp, first cut off the power of the device and take

out the ultraviolet lamp. Be careful not to touch the quartz glass of the

new lamp with your fingers, because the stain will affect the strength of

the light, and at the same time, carefully put the lamp into the cavity of the


4. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp tools to scratch the conveyor belt.

5. Non-professionals are not allowed to open the device.

6. Add butter to the equipment chain every six months.

7. The equipment casing must be reliably grounded.

8. Please do not stare at the lamp directly.

四、Common faults and troubleshooting methods

1. The lamp is off, replace the lamp or ballast.

2. The conveyor belt is stuck, remove the cover and add butter to the chain.

3. The conveyor belt deviates, and use the hexagon socket to adjust the tension

screws on the side of the roller.

UVC sterilization furnace_mask disinfection machine.jpg

Ultraviolet sterilization furnace_mask disinfection machine.jpg

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