online dispensing and curing all-in-one machine


 The online dispensing and curing all-in-one machine:

1.Draw points, lines, arcs, circles, continuous tween

 input programs for irregular curves and other

functions and can dispense 3D;

2.Any point, line, surface, arc and other irregular

curve continuous dispensing function.

3. Automatic compensation for dispensing strength

makes operation more convenient.

4. XY area array, translation and rotation calculation

function, reverse feed tray,suitable for different

work positioning. The use of this equipment

with a protective layer in the PCBA three-proof

paint will greatly increase the service life of the

circuit board and improve the mechanical

strength and insulation characteristics of the product.

Product features

   1) No infrared radiation, cold light source.

   2) No warm-up is needed after starting up, and it can be

used immediately when it is turned on,reaching

the maximum light intensity in an instant.

   3) It is safe and environmentally friendly

without mercury.

Equipment use

 It is mainly used for curing UV glue and

other glues, medical equipment,touch

screens, and optical lenses.

Equipment input parameters

   1) Power supply voltage: 220 ± 10%, 50Hz

   2) Control loop voltage parameter: DC24V;

   3) Compressed air: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa

Equipment safety matters

   1). Electrical performance: Class E, with good grounding

and impedance above 500MΩ.

   2). The product has a safety door or cover to protect

the operator from injury.

 Equipment use environment

   1). Ambient temperature: -5 to 50

   2). Ventilation: Good

Product parameters of uv dispensing spray curing machine:

1) curing area: 300x200mm (can be customized )

2) Electric power: 1080 W

3) Input voltage: 220V / 50HZ

4) Irradiation intensity: 1400mW / cm2 ( 10-20mm)

5) Dimensions: L354 * W100 * H119mm (can be customized)

6) Cooling method: air cooling

7) Service life:≥20000h

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         uvled dispensing and curing machine.jpg

Support customization, create the right UV equipment for you

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