led uv lamp_uv led light source 100x100mm


This is a high-performance led uv lamp curing system. The system mainly

includes a controller and an irradiation head. The irradiation head led uv

lamp is assembled from imported LED lamp beads. The uv lamp has stable

performance and reliable quality. The uv spectrum of this light source is

365nm, the effective irradiation area is 100x100mm, it adopts forced air

cooling to dissipate heat, supports external signal input and triggering,

and can be equipped with semi-automatic or fully automatic production


led uv lamp

Product Features

1. No mercury, no ozone, safe and environmentally friendly.

2. Power saving, simple and easy to control.

3. There is no need to preheat when power on, and it can be used immediately

after power on, and the maximum light intensity can be reached instantly.

4. Super long life, not affected by the number of opening and closing.

5. No infrared radiation, cold light source, suitable for curing various heat sensitive


led uv lamp

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