Automatic uvled dispensing curing machine


UV Dispensing and curing all-in-one machine working features:

1.It has functions such as drawing points, lines, arcs, circles, continuous tween input

programs for irregular curves, and can be used for 3D dispensing

2. Continuous dispensing function for irregular points, lines, surfaces, arcs and other

irregular curves;

3.low noise and high speed DC brushless motor dispensing effect is good;

4. The static eliminator can eliminate static electricity within ± 100V;

5. Automatic compensation for dispensing strength, making operation more convenient;

6. XY area array, translation and rotation calculation function, reverse use of the tray,

suitable for different work positioning;

7. Support three-axis space linear interpolation, three-axis space arc interpolation, and

elliptical arc interpolation.

uvled dispensing curing machine.jpg

Main service industries:

Electronics, industry, mobile phone accessories, electronic communications,

security medical equipment and other fields.

widely used in:

Circuit board (PCB / FPC), liquid crystal (LCD), touch screen, LED semiconductor, security lens,

optical fiber, automotive wiring harness, electronic component smart wear, hardware plastic,

camera module and other industries.

Configured UVLED Dispenser curing light source parameters:

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