High power coating uvled curing system


Curing system for coating

This is a high power uvled curing system for coating,the system includes a controller,

five UVLED irradiation heads and a water cooler. The UVLED irradiating head is

assembled from foreign packaged and imported LED lamp beads, and its performance

is stable.The system can be customized according to customer requirements

uvled curing system for coating












Product Parameter:

Emitting Area Wavelength Optic Power Electric Power Cooling Method
1600x27mm 365nm 6W/cm² 7344W Water Cooling

uvled curing system for coating













Product Advantages:
Extra-long life: 10000h~20000h
Energy saving: save 80% electrical energy than Mercury lamp
UV output adjustment: From 1% to 100%
Multiple control modes : Constant current, pedal control, intelligent optical and manual modes
Photoelectric induction, instant on/off, no preheating required.
No mercury, No Ozone, eco-friendly
Cold light source, low temperature
Stable output, high uniformity.

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