365nm uv led curing machine with mercury lamp


HTLD-CS-290×180-365 is a high-performance

UVLED  curing system, the system includes the

controller, UVLED irradiation head mercury lamp

and cable. UVLED head with imported high-intensity

UV LED integrated UV spectral wavelength of

365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm, the use of forced air

cooling, the effective curing area of 290x180mm,

support for external signal input and trigger, can be

equipped with semi-automatic or fully automated

production line , and the mercury lamp is for the surface

treatment of uv adhesive.

Specification Parameter

1, luminous body (effective irradiation width): can be customized;

2, UV LED lights from the conveyor belt adjustable distance: 10-50mm;

3, UV LED lamp power density: 800mw / cm2; Mercury lamp: 1KW;

4, UV light intensity adjustable: 1% -100%;

5, Reflector: Aluminum reflector built-in imported reflective aluminum,

     high reflection efficiency, long service life;

6, the conveyor belt width: 300mm;

7, conveyor belt material: Teflon mesh belt or stainless steel mesh for optional;

8, Conveyor speed: 1-10 meters Promise adjustable;

9, LED lamp beads that is bright, without preheating, immediately begin curing work;

10, roller: surface knurling, to ensure smooth delivery;

11, the whole cooling method: air-cooled;

12, machine material: sheet metal;

13, machine appearance: white spray computer

14, the whole specification: 1500L * 580W * 100Hmm;

15, power wiring: 220VAC 50HZ;

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