100X100mm led uv curing machine


* Lower heat radiation, multiple wavelengths such as 365nm,

no infrared spectrum is emitted,  no high temperature heat.

* High-energy and high-purity uv led light, fast curing on UV glue,

greatly improving production efficiency.

*Energy saving and environmental protection, low power

consumption of LED, no warm-up time, instantaneously

reach peak irradiance,  with adjustable power, power saving

ratio ≥1:6,no depp uv irradiation,  no ozone and mercury.

It is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative  light sources.

*Integrated design, equipment installation is convenient and fast,

just install the uv led head on machine,the height of the uv led head can

also be adjusted according to specific needs.

The Specification Parameter of the led uv curing machine:


  *curing area:100X100mm

  *electric power:768W

  *optic power:3500mw/cm2

  *recommended height of irradiation:10mm


  *cooling method: air cooling

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