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Height-led takes you to learn more about UVLED curing light

We know that UVLED photocuring technology uses UVLED curing

equipment capable of emitting pure ultraviolet light to illuminate the

coating or object to becured to achieve curing and deep curing in a very

short time, thereby improving production efficiency and quality. The

UVLED light curing machine emits pure ultraviolet light through the

UVLED chip, and irradiates the UV coating such as UV glue and UV ink

to achieve a fast and good curing effect.

UVLED light curing is a kind of curing and drying method with high

environmental protection on the market. It has a fast curing speed and

is not harmful to the environment like a mercury lamp. However, when

we use the UVLED light-solid machine, we will encounter some problems

more or less. The reason may be improper operation, or it may be a

problem of the light curing machine parts itself. Then,let me tell you several

common problems and Solution, for  referencing.

1.the UVLED lamp bead is not bright or self-extinguishing. The possible

reasons for the analysis are as follows:

(1) UVLED lamp beads are much longer than traditional mercury lamps, but

with the extension of the use time, there will be a certain degree of attenuation;

Solution: The lamp bead needs to be replaced properly.

(2) The power supply voltage is too low;

Solution: Increase the voltage appropriately.

(3)The air cooling is not enough;

Solution: Drain the air duct and clean the fan wind wheel debris.

2.the temperature of the equipment during use is too high, the possible reasons are

as follows:

(1) The heat dissipation is not good;

Solution: Check if the fan is running normally and the dust is cleaned up at the fan.

(2) The device is in high light intensity illumination mode for a long time;

Solution: Generally, if long-time high-intensity illumination is required, it is recommended

to choose a water-cooled UVLED  curing machine for better heat dissipation.