UV sterilization lamp
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Instructions for use of household UV geimicidal lamp

UV germicidal lamps have a broad spectrum of sterilization. Many families now choose

to buy household uv germicidal lamps to sterilize their own homes, but the use of  uv

germicidal lamps has certain safety risks, so the correct use is very important. Next, let Xiaobian

introduce the use method and precautions of ultraviolet germicidal lamp.

There are two control modes for household ultraviolet germicidal lamps, one is touch screen

control and the other is remote control.

1. Touch screen control: Turn on the power, touch the on key, the UV germicidal lamp is turned

on,and then automatically enter the 15-minute timer mode; touch the on key once, the time

is 30min;touch twice, select 60 minutes ; Touch three times to shut down. When you select a

different timing, the corresponding indicator on the touch screen will light blue. After selecting

the timing mode, a person should stand outside the radar sensing range and start to emit light

after a delay of 20s.

2.Remote control: The remote control A key is the code pairing key. Press and hold the A and B

keys for 10 seconds, and the code pairing is successful. Press the B key to switch the timing

time. The remote control can remotely control a distance of about 10 meters, and can be

remotely controlled through a wall. When you are in the next room or far away from the lamp

and cannot see the indicator remotely, you can judge the timing time by the buzzer sound:

one buzzer sounds for 15 minutes, two beeps for 30 minutes, three Corresponds to 60 minutes

timing, continuous ringing corresponds to turn off the lamp.

The operation of domestic UV sterilization lamps is simple, but when used, humans and animals

must be away from the scene, because the skin will be red, itchy, allergic pimples when exposed to

ultraviolet light, and there is also a risk of canceration; eyes You also can’t receive ultraviolet rays,

because ultraviolet rays can make your eyes red, swollen, tearful, unable to open your eyes, cataracts

and even blindness.

Height-LED household uv germicidal lamp,equipped with radar sensor, can be sensed by people or

animals  within 8 meters, and automatically stop the irradiation, more secure, welcome to consult!