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How to buy household ultraviolet germicidal lamp

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps use ultraviolet rays to destroy or change the DNA and RNA of

microorganisms, so that the microorganisms immediately die or cannot reproduce. Nowadays,

many families choose ultraviolet sterilization lamps to sterilize their home environment. What

aspects should be considered when purchasing ultraviolet sterilization lamps?

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are divided into ozone-containing and non-ozone-free. The

ultraviolet penetration of the UVC band is extremely weak, and can only propagate along a

straight line. It can not disinfect the places that are not irradiated, and ozone is easy to spread,

and it can also sterilize the dead corner of the room. Therefore, the sterilization effect of ozone

is not Ozone is better. However, if the ozone content in the air is too high, the human body will

experience uncomfortable reactions. Therefore, when selecting an ultraviolet sterilization lamp,

it is necessary to choose whether or not to contain ozone according to the sterilization environment.

We can search for news that someone’s skin or eyes were burned by ultraviolet rays, because

ultraviolet rays have an inactivating activity, which can destroy or change the structure of DNA and

RNA. Therefore, in order to avoid the harm of ultraviolet rays to the human body, it is necessary to

use ultraviolet sterilization lamps in an unmanned environment. In order to better ensure safety,

sterilization lamps with timing or remote control should be selected. At the same time, in order to

better avoid accidents, it is best to choose a germicidal lamp with radar sensor to better ensure safety.