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High quality UV LED Curing System factory

Height-LED Starting from 2007, pioneered the use of LEDs for UV industrial curing and life sciences applications with a 100% focus on UV LED technology. It provides both standard and custom solutions to OEMs and end-users worldwide.

As the market leader in China,Height-LED engaged in LED UV curing for UV ink, UV glue, UV adhesive, UV paint, UV varnish and other UV sensitive materials. The products mainly cover four parts: Spot UV led curing system, Linear UV led curing system, Area UV led curing system and UV curing machine(conveyor belt), which are wildly applied to many industries, such as printings(flexo , Silk-screen, offset,narrow Web etc…), TP screen, Medical(one time using products), lens and so on.

Our UV LED curing systems use original imported LEDs from abroad, it is luminous efficiency, long life, good stability and consistency,energy saving and environmental protection; the driving power supply is PFC programmable power supply, which completely independent research and development by ourselves, using figures and module hybrid control,multi-loop feedback LLC resonant soft-switch topology,full-load range realizes the cutting-edge technology of ZVSZCS soft switching power supply. It overcomes the shortcomings in the market of the existing switching power supply explosion tube and the digital communication in the single-chip is interfered.It realizes automatic programmable control dimming. It is completely ahead of the switching power supply which used in the market now.It has operational flexibility, high output efficiency, good stability, low interference ,electrical isolation,safe and reliable,perfect OVP OCP OTP input over-voltage protection and fault alarm output advantages.