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Handheld UV Curing Lamp for Floor

HTLD High Quality Handheld Portable UV LED curing dyer Drying Machine uv light coating system
UV LED curing system’s specification:
Model No. :HTLD-395
Emitting Size: 200x60mm
Wavelength: 395nm
Light Power Density: 12000mW/cm2
Cooling Method: Water cooling
Power: 60W
Work Voltage: 220V/50Hz

handheld uv led curing

handheld uv led curing

The size of controller: L384*W284*H90mm
Power supply voltage:AC100~240V±10%(50/60HZ)
Cooling method of controller:Air cooling
Setting operation:Using the operating switch is set,Power key parameter switch,RS-232

Product Application
HTLD-S176-20×200 is a high quality Portable UV LED area light source curing machine, the machine includes the controller, UV LED irradiation head . UV LED head with imported high-intensity UV LED integrated UV spectral wavelength of 395nm, 405nm, the effective curing area of 20x200mm, support for external signal input and trigger, can be equipped with semi-automatic or fully automated production line .
It can be used to cure different materials,such as Wood/Floor/Wall/Furniture /home furnishing.etc