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Comparison of the advantages of UVLED lamps and mercury lamps

In the past, mercury lamps and halogen lamps were commonly used. Now UV LED lamps are loved by customers, we have more advantages and give us more choices.

Working advantages of UVLED lamps:
1.the UV LED lamp has the advantages of low power consumption, long life (20,000 hours), miniaturization, and easy placement.
2.UV LED is more energy-efficient than traditional mercury lamps or halogen lamps. UVLED is two-tenths of the electricity consumption of traditional mercury lamps and halogens. It can save a large part of the company’s electricity, and it is also a significant expense.
3.UV LEDs mainly have several wavelengths such as 365, 385, 395, 405nm, etc. to choose from. The difference between UV LED and traditional mercury lamp is that it has a single wavelength. Taking 395nm as an example, the light source of the UV LED will be concentrated around 395nm, and will not generate ultraviolet light of other wavelengths.

4.The traditional mercury lamp uses the mercury lamp to emit light. The bulb contains mercury. Because the bulb needs to be replaced frequently, a lot of waste products are generated. The disposal and transportation of these waste products is very troublesome, and improper treatment can cause serious pollution to the environment. The UVLED curing equipment uses semiconductors to emit light, and there is no environmental pollution. Therefore, it is more environmentally friendly.

Working advantages of mercury lamps:
1.Mercury lamps are full-wavelength bands, and most of the glue can be cured and dried, so mercury lamps are used in a wide range of areas.
2.The price of the mercury lamp is also relatively cheap, and the use cost is relatively low.

now,More and more enterprises are optimistic about UV LED lamps,UV LED technology is becoming more mature.