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coater machine

Coater machine is mainly used for film, paper, etc. surface coating process production, this machine is to roll the substrate coated with a layer of specific functions of glue, paint or ink, and drying after winding.It uses a special multi-functional coating head, which can realize various forms of surface coating. The take-up and take-off of the coater are equipped with full speed automatic film connecting mechanism, PLC program tension closed-loop automatic control.

Coating machine

Classification of coater

1.Brush type

Brush coater is the oldest coating equipment. It was first used to produce coated wall paper with porcelain clay coating in the 1850s. There are three types of brush applicators: round brush applicator, blanket roller applicator and blanket sleeve applicator. Figure 1 shows an early brush applicator.

2.Air knife coater

The advent of air knife coater in 1930s marked the birth of modern paper coating industry. Air knife coater overcomes the above shortcomings of brush coater and is promoted rapidly, which leads to the rapid increase of coated paper output.

3.knife coater

The first patent of scraper coater appeared in 1950s. Since then, blade coater technology has been rapid development. According to the different feeding equipment, scraper type and scraper installation position, scraper coating head can be divided into many kinds, such as hard blade scraper coater, drag blade scraper coater, soft blade scraper coater, fountain feeding scraper coater, short stay scraper coater, Bill scraper coater, scraper roller coater, etc.

4.Roller coating

Roller coating is to use the coating roller to apply coating to the surface of the coated cloth, and the coating inside the machine is mainly based on this kind of coating machine. The coating amount can be adjusted by measuring the pressure between rollers. If the pressure is increased, the coating amount will be reduced and the coating amount will be reduced. 

Coating machine

5.Spray coating 

Spray coating technology is a non-contact coating method. Controlled high pressure spray technology can be used for single or double sided coating of paper or paperboard.

6.multi-layer curtain coater

The multi-layer curtain coater only needs one coating operation to endow the inkjet printing paper with three layers (bottom layer, absorption layer and top layer), and can obtain uniform coating on the uneven paper surface.

7.Folding slit coating

The slit coating head comprises a coating liquid storage tank; A pump is used for pressing the coating liquid in the coating liquid storage tank to the nozzle through the supply pipeline; The control part is used to control the operation of the pump and the nozzle, and the pressure detection part is used to detect the pipeline pressure. When the pressure reaches the predetermined pressure condition, the nozzle discharges the coating liquid.