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Brief introduction of screen printing machine

Screen printing machine definition

Screen printing machine is a printing machine which uses screen printing plate to print,It’s a machine for printing words and images. It is a general term for machines or equipment used to produce printed matter. Screen printing machine is one of the most representative printing equipment in hole plate printing machine. Besides silk, nylon, copper, steel wire or stainless steel wire can also be used to make screen. It can be divided into flat screen printing machine, curved screen printing machine, rotary screen printing machine.

screen printing machine

screen printing machine

According to the printing method,It can be divided into four kinds.
1.Flat screen printing
Flat screen flat screen printing machine is a method of printing on flat substrate with flat screen plate. When printing, the plate is fixed and the scraping plate moves.
2.Flat screen curved surface screen printing
Flat screen curved surface screen printing is a method of printing flat screen plate on curved surface substrate (such as ball, cylinder, cylinder, etc.). When printing, the ink scraper is fixed, the printing plate moves along the horizontal direction, and the substrate rotates with the printing plate.
3.Rotary screen printing
Rotary screen printing is a printing method in which the cylinder screen plate is equipped with a fixed ink scraper, and the cylinder plate and the substrate move synchronously at the same linear speed.
4. Indirect screen printing
The process usually consists of two parts: plane screen printing and transfer printing, that is, the screen printing image is not directly printed on the substrate, but first printed on the plane material, and then transferred to the substrate by a certain method.

Main features of screen printing machine

Screen printing machine belongs to the representative printing equipment in the hole plate printing machine. Its printing plate is a crisscross, clear warp and weft screen woven from silk and other materials. We have already produced many kinds of screen printing machines, such as plane, curved surface, forming, printing and dyeing, printed circuit and new Rotary. Among them, the speed and productivity of the new rotary screen printing machine is relatively high. Its characteristic is that the screen is installed on the roller, and the ink is poured in the roller. When the machine works, the drum rotates, and the rubber squeegee quickly prints the pattern on the printed matter.
In addition to silk, nylon, copper, steel or stainless steel wire can also be used to make silk screen. The principle of hole plate printing used in screen printing machine originated from the ancient template printing. There are many forms of hole plate printing, such as transcribed plate, hollow out plate, spray printing and screen printing.