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The advantages of UV LED Curing System

UV curing refers to the curing conditions or requirements of coatings (paints), inks, adhesives (glue) or other potting sealants that need to be cured with ultraviolet rays. It’s different from heating curing, adhesive (curing agent) curing, and natural curing. Curing.

In the field of chemical polymers, UV also refers to as the abbreviation of radiation curing. UV uses the medium and short wave (300-800 nanometers) of UV ultraviolet light under UV radiation, which is used in liquid UV materials. The photoinitiator is stimulated to become free radicals or cations, thereby initiating the polymerization of polymer materials (resins) containing active functional groups into insoluble and infusible solid coatings. New technologies for VOC emissions.

What are The advantages of UV LED Curing System?
1.Instant on/off, don’t need warm up;
2.Energy saving;
3.Light energy concentration;
4.NO Ozone, NO Mercury;
5.thermal radiation is small;
6.Long Work Life.
7.Clean and efficient.

Which factory is better in UV LED Curing?

Height-LED Starting from 2007, pioneered the use of LEDs for UV industrial curing and life sciences applications with a 100% focus on UV LED technology. It provides both standard and custom solutions to OEMs and end-users worldwide.