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The advantages of UV LED printing technology

The development of UVLED printing technology is more and more mature, and the application is more and more widely.

UVLED printing technology develops so well because it can highlight a number of advantages in the fields of publishing and

printing, commercial printing, packaging printing and label market applications.

1. Can adapt to a wide range of substrates. Not only paper and cardboard can be used, but also a wide variety of printing materials,

including low-absorptive or non-absorbent materials (plastic, foil, metal, and heat-sensitive materials).

2.Save equipment investment costs. The UVLED light source has a very long service life, which is 20 times that of the traditional

mercury lamp. There is no need to replace the light source frequently, which can reduce the investment cost of the equipment

and can also prevent printing efficiency from being affected by frequent light source replacement.

3. Improve efficiency. The curing speed is fast, the cured product can immediately enter the next process, reduce the waiting time

for drying, speed up the completion of the operation, and improve production efficiency.

4.The printing effect is good. It has a very high gloss effect, and sometimes has a comprehensive effect of anti-scratch and scratch


5.Strong printing function. Various special functional, tactile and special graphic surface finishes.

6. High surface resistance (friction and scratch resistance), especially the cover of packaging and publications.

7.Save energy. The light emitted by the UVLED light source is more concentrated and can reach the maximum power output instantly,

which improves the energy utilization rate and saves energy loss.